Pics: Bardog’s second birthday

I finally got ’em uploaded… so without further ado… pics from Bardog’s second birthday alley party.

The windup and... the pitch
A beautiful shot of Jean and Amanda
Suzy in a purple tube top
Haley cooking sliders
A different kind of sliders: Bluff City Backsliders
Splish splash, I was taking a bath... the Sunday Fun Day crew's inspirational leader gets dunked
Aldo's grandmother, who provided the recipe for his famous meatballs, judges the meatball-eating contest.
As soon as the contest was over, the Nuh-Uh Girl reached for leftover meatballs.

Brittany pre-head shaving
Brittany mid-head shaving
Brittany post-head shaving

Full photo album here (200 pics). Massive respect for Brittany for putting her hair on the line for the kids.  Between the 5K, food sales, dunk tank and head shaving, I’m told they raised $4500 for St. Jude.