IBM (Italian Business Man’s sandwich) @ Frank’s Deli

After going to the Memphis Farmers Market and Mayor Wharton’s GreenUp festival, I started the trek back north. I wanted to eat at Gus’s, but as usual, it was too crowded. Then I remembered Frank’s Grocery and Deli was nearby at Main and Vance, and my South Main friends have told me over and over how good their sandwiches are. So I walked over there and ordered this:

This is the I.B.M., the Italian Business Man’s sandwich. Genoa salami, ham, and pepperoni and peppers on a toasted roll. However, this is not your typical lunchmeat sandwich from Subway. The ham was hand-sliced, big chunks. The sandwich was served hot, with melted mozzarella goodness in every bite. It was more than I could finish in one meal, and I complemented it with a side of deviled eggs.

Frank’s definitely lived up to its hype. Possibly the best Italian sandwich I’ve ever had.