If you drink a lot of beer and you’re not on Beerby, you’re missing the chance to earn badgers

I just wanted to mention the Beerby iPhone app again, and let people know that if you spend a lot of time drinking beer, you deserve to get credit. Beerby is kind of like Foursquare (and in fact is integrated with Foursquare). Instead of recording your location, you record what beer you drank (and optionally, where you drank it). You can friend people and keep up with the beers they are drinking.

In Foursquare you earn badges for certain accomplishments; in Beerby, however, you earn badgers. I recently earned the “Conquistador” badger for drinking 24 Mexican beers, and the “Hipster Superstar” badger for drinking 24 PBRs. There are also holiday-specific badgers, such as the “Drunken Turkey” badger for drinking 3 beers on Thanksgiving.

Fun little app. If you have the technology and you like beer, give it a try. You can friend me at “paulryburn” on Beerby.