Ask Paul: Safest route out of Downtown tonight?

Someone e-mailed me the following question:

“Hey Paul, what’s the safest route to take out of Downtown tonight, given that a lot of cops will be out? I don’t want to get pulled over.”

Happy to answer this question. The safest route is the one your cab driver takes, after you call 577-7777 and request that a cab be sent to your location.

Seriously, don’t drink and drive. I’ve heard from multiple sources that the cops are really going to be all over the place looking to bust DUIs. It’s just not worth it to try and avoid them.

Okay, I will give one piece of advice. If you’re driving and you see a traffic light that has been set to flashing red, come to a COMPLETE STOP before you proceed. I can pretty much guarantee you there’s a police car somewhere just out of sight.

Happy New Year everyone. Be safe tonight.