Mon update: Pedestrian walkway, Marks Menus story, strawberry basil martinis, What Women Want party, Beer Can Appreciation day and more

Some excellent news for those who want to keep fit. The Harahan bridge, a railroad bridge built in 1917 that crosses the Mississippi River, had platforms on the side for auto traffic that were used until the Memphis-Arkansas bridge was opened in 1949. Plans are coming together to turn the north side track into greenline space for walking and biking to Arkansas. Top shelf idea! A friend of mine who bikes says there’s a beach on the Arkansas side of that bridge. Maybe it will get more use in the summer, and it’s good for Downtowners who want greenline exercise but don’t want to drive out east to the Memphis Greenline. More details in this CA article.

Another CA article this morning profiles Mark’s Menus, one of my favorite sites and iPhone apps. This site lets you browse restaurant menus, and ask questions like, “Who near my current location sells an Italian hoagie?” If you like to eat out and have a smartphone, this app (which is free by the way) is a must-download.

Tonight is the second What Women Want party at Christine by Shelton Clothiers. Stop by and help Christine pick out what to order at market this week. Drinks, food and fun. Free food? Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up.

The Silly Goose will have their second anniversary party Wednesday night, with Jeremy Stanfill playing.

Voting has been going on this month among Majestic Grille customers to pick their favorite martini. Results have been announced, and the winner is the strawberry basil martini. (Cool, that’s the one I voted for!) The martini, normally $9, will be $5 all week.

Today is Beer Can Appreciation Day, the 76th anniversary of the day beer was first served in a can. Celebrate by drinking a can of beer. I recommend PBR! Bar None, Flying Fish and Silly Goose have PBR cans, and I believe BB King’s and Black Diamond do as well. Bardog has Coors cans, and the Saucer has Foster’s Oil Cans and Tecate cans.

If you read the novel Pepper Jack, set in Memphis and the Midtown Blue Monkey in particular, you’ll be interested to know that author Jon Pendergrass has started his own blog. Bookmark or subscribe to it to read Jon’s throughts, and to keep informed of future literary works.

I missed brunch at the Majestic yesterday, but joined my friends at the Saucer to watch the Bears-Packers game. There were about five of us sitting at the bar watching the game, and one more person who hovered behind us the entire time. Can we not Superglue him to a chair? So, it’s the Packers and Steelers in the Super Bowl two weeks from now… my take on the game is something along the lines of “couldn’t care less.” I’m rooting for good food at the annual Super Bowl party I’m attending, and for good luck picking squares in the Super Bowl pool. I’d root for PBR but there’s a 100% chance of that happening, since I’m bringing PBR.

Reminds me, I saw a flyer for the Flying Saucer’s “big game” party (they can’t call it the Super Bowl when advertising) they mention most drafts will be $3 pints all day Sunday and Monday. Bonus Pint Nite?

Time to grab a sandwich and get back to work. Boring web updates this morning, fun PHP object-oriented programming project this afternoon. I’ll be at Pint Nite at the Saucer about 6. I’m a maybe for poker night at the Silly Goose at 9. More news already coming in, so there may be a second post after work.