Good times and big burgers at Bar None

After our disastrous showing in trivia last night, some of the gang decided to head down the street to Bar None. We relaxed on the couches, drank PBR, and ate crawfish dip. The Nuh-Uh Girl, who protested that she was on a diet and didn’t want to eat, soon dived into the crawfish dip and finished off about half of it by herself.

The Nuh-Uh Girl graps a chip and digs in.
The Nuh-Uh Girl taking one of the many bites of crawfish dip she had last night.

Then our friend Joe decided to order the pub’s signature one-pound burger. They warned him it would take 25 to 30 minutes to cook, understandable for a burger of that size.

The burger took up so much of the plate that more fries had to be brought in a separate cup.

One pound is a lot of burger, but given who was standing to his immediate left, Joe was aware that he would have “help” eating the burger.

The Nuh-Uh Girl started off with the fries...
... and before long, she had moved on to the burger.

Good times. Live music with Kirk Smithhart there every Tuesday night. Tonight they have karaoke, and tomorrow night is poker.