Popular iPhone/Android app Runkeeper Pro, formerly $10, is now permanently free

Running is probably the last thing you ever expected to see discussed on my blog, but since a lot of my readers run with the Salty Dogs, I figured I should mention this: Popular iPhone/Android app RunKeeper Pro is now free. Before, it sold for $10, and a one-month trial period as a free app convinced them they should make it free permanently. Several people I know use it. They tell me it’s a GPS program that keeps stats on your run and it’s really cool. I don’t have first-hand experience using it though; I’m too busy recording beers on Beerby.

By the way, if you don’t know who the Salty Dogs are, show up at Bardog around 6:45 on Monday in your running gear. You’ll meet some cool people.

In other news… it’s poker night at Bar None, at 7:30. Wonder if attendance will increase, since I posted pics of the swanky Grizzlies seats and free buffet and beer I got for winning last week. I’ve heard the Nuh-Uh Girl say “I need to check out poker” a couple of times this week.

I won’t repeat my win, though… I’ve stayed out past midnight the past three nights, and it is imperative that I catch up on sleep to get my batteries re-charged for the weekend. I actually probably will play some poker tonight, but at home, on PokerStars. Good luck to all who play at Bar None tonight.