Public service announcement: A reminder to JUST SAY NO to karaoke!!!

Okay, I’ve caught up with Twitter and Facebook timelines from last night. It looks like a lot of people were dragged to karaoke night at the Blue Monkey, even though they didn’t want to go. If you were one of those people, I have a reminder for you:


It’s nothing against the Monkey, as I’m always quick to point out. Excellent food, service, and atmosphere. It’s just that karaoke sucks. It sucks on a random Tuesday or Wednesday, but the suckitude multiplies by 10 when you realize you’re wasting a Saturday night watching your friends (of both sexes) turn into divas in the presence of alcohol and a microphone.

It is totally, completely acceptable to say, “Well, if you guys want to go there, go ahead, but I’m going somewhere else.” Don’t give in to the will of the majority. If you want to be near your friends, you can hang out at Earnestine & Hazel’s or Max’s Sports bar nearby, and then meet up with them when they are done making fools of themselves. Alternately, you can hop a trolley, slip a dolla in the fare meter, and ride north to the core where you have many more entertainment options.

If John Lennon arises from the dead and goes to the Monkey to sing “Imagine” on a Saturday night, maybe I’ll go. Short of that, karaoke ain’t never going to happen as far as I’m concerned.