Hay, now!

Today I ate lunch at H.T. Ponder’s, a catfish lunch buffet in Horn Lake. As I walked outside I noticed this sign:

If you call them, here’s what you’ll be getting:

Yeah I know most of you don’t care, but you never know, maybe somewhere there’s a horse reading my blog. As my “dawg” John D would say, “Hay, now!”

All right, on with the news. There’s not much of it today. First and foremost, keep up with the weather. The MemphisWeather.net blog indicates that severe weather is likely after 3 PM. The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore is in town, which is a sign that weathermen believe dangerous storms will happen.

Best bar to hang out when there’s severe weather? My vote would probably be for Bardog, because they have the downstairs room with no windows. Kooky Canuck is good too, because when the weather is bad they usually have storm coverage on one of their TVs at the bar.

Quick reminder to vote for Memphis startup Carson Rotisseries in this About.com poll. I’ve heard they’re running neck and neck with The Big Green Egg. Voting goes on until March 8.

A friend texted me that Victoria’s Secret in Peabody Place Mall has closed. Where will the Saucer girls now run to when they forget to wear underwear to work? I’m not kidding, this has actually happened.

All right, lunch hour’s over, so it’s time to hit Publish and get back to copying and pasting a tracker onto hundreds of web pages. I wish the previous webmasters had taken advantage of PHP’s include() function so I could do this one time rather than many. Not sure if I’ll get out tonight. Due to the weather I probably won’t defend my poker championship at Max’s.