This month I corrected a mistake I’ve been making for two years

Since March 2009 I’ve had roughly a 20 minute commute home from work every day. Up until this month, I drove home in silence, with nothing to do but think about the evening’s plans and fret about Memphis traffic.

Earlier this month, it occurred to me, “Memphis has two of the best sports talk radio stations anywhere, at AM 560 and 730. I know quite a few of the people who work at both stations. I see them at Max’s Sports Bar and the Saucer. I follow them on Twitter and occasionally have conversations with them. How come it’s never occurred to me to turn the radio on?”

My drive home has been much better since. I tend to listen to The Sports Bar on 560 for a few days, then flip over to the Chris Vernon Show on 730 for a few days, then flip back. Both are excellent and have provided a lot of insight into the Tigers and Grizzlies that I previously had been missing out on.

Yesterday I heard a neat story about Shane Battier on the Chris Vernon Show. During his first run in Memphis, it was Battier bobblehead night and Shane wanted some extras for his friends and family. They didn’t have enough extras to give him, so they gave Shane the phone number of the bobblehead maker. The maker said they’d be happy to accept an order, but the minimum order was 1,500. So Battier placed the order, gave away about 50, and has 20 cases of bobbleheads stored away in his closets.

If you’re looking to ease the boredom of the afternoon commute, check out Memphis’ great sports talk radio.