Master of the Universe

Last night, I gathered with friends at the Flying Saucer to celebrate the completion of my 5th plate.

In addition to getting the purple plate on the wall and a $125 bar tab for my plate party, I got a couple of other benefits. For one, I got a “5iver” T-shirt for completion of my 5th time through the Ring of Honor. I also got this card:

When you make it through 5 times, you become a Master of the Universe and are given an M.O.U. card. The card entitles you to several benefits:

  • You don’t have to wait until Wednesday at 7 PM to buy the glass of the week
  • You are guaranteed a spot at any Saucer beer dinner
  • You receive a complimentary tasting card at any Saucer beer festival

Thanks to all my friends who came out for the party. It was a good night indeed.

Later in the evening, some of my friends went to South Main for crappyoke night. Obviously I was not going to do that, so I remained at the Saucer, and discovered I was not the only one having a plate party:

Congrats to my friend Mark, the best rapper alive, on the completion of his first plate. I also got to meet Chris Vernon of the Chris Vernon Show on AM 730. Good talking to you Chris.

If all goes as planned today, I should have a food-themed blog post later today or tomorrow. It’s Sunday Fun Day! I saw on Twitter that if you’ve used the term “Sunday Fun Day” more than 3 times in your life, you’re officially an alcoholic. I guess most of Downtown has been diagnosed, then.