Mickey’s Big Mouth

So, let’s say you’re Mikey, pictured above playing Buzztime Poker. You tell everyone you meet that Max’s Sports Bar is the best sports bar in Memphis. You spend so much time there that you earned a trophy for attendance. You’ve consumed your own weight in PBR there. What kind of VIP treatment do you get?

You get your place reserved at the bar.

And, unfortunately, you get your name misspelled. “Mickey.”

I asked him if the malt liquor Mickey’s Big Mouth was named after him. “If it’s not, it should be.” The response was an evil glare Mikey normally reserves only for the panhandlers on Beale Street.

In other Max’s news, there will be a “buy the beer, keep the glass” party on Saturday with $4 Stella. Details below:

That’s right in the middle of SEC Tournament Saturday and there should be a lot of good games on. Stella makes some of the nicest beer glasses around, and they’re worth collecting. I have a set of four at home. Should be a fun Saturday at Max’s.