Congrats to the new mayor

Bardog Tavern has a new mayor on Foursquare. Mikey, pictured here, checked in and became the mayor yesterday afternoon right before the St. Pat’s parade. You become “mayor” of a venue on Foursquare if you check in more times (only one per day counts) than anyone else over the past two months.

Mikey also has the mayorship of Max’s Sports Bar. He’s building a nice little portfolio of mayorships. I wonder if he’ll go in Bardog today and order a “MAYORAL beer” and hint around that it would be nice to get it for free, like the former mayor used to do. Wonder if he’ll hint around that he’s available if the chefs in the kitchen need someone to do a food sampling, because, “after all, I AM the mayor.”

Foursquare has changed up their points system and I like the way they do it. Usually, you get 1 point for a checkin. However, if you check in where one of your Foursquare friends is mayor, it gives you 2 points. If you check in with the mayor, you get 3 points. You also get 3 if you check in as the mayor of a venue (so I get 3 points every day at the Saucer).

There are other bonuses. When I checked in at Bardog Friday night, Foursquare informed me that I’d checked in with birthday girl Ruchee, and awarded me 3 points because I hadn’t seen her since we last checked in together at Kooky Canuck two months ago. Wow. Location-based social media is a stalker’s paradise. Yesterday I checked in and the app awarded me +3 for checking in with someone I hadn’t seen since Cooper-Young Fest.

Sunday Fun Day today. Several reasons to celebrate: Selection Sunday at 5 PM, sun doesn’t set until 7 PM, and if driving weather in Tennessee/North Carolina is good, the return of Air Traffic Mike. Going to do a please-let-the-Fire-Sale-be-good dance, then head out for the first beer of the day.