Chopped salad with rib meat @ Blues City Cafe

Last week I received a tip from one of my fellow Saucer barflies about a meal I should try: the chopped salad at Blues City Cafe. “Get it topped with rib meat,” he advised me. “They load you up.”

So I did. He was right – for $2.95 more than the price of a regular salad, they top it off with a generous helping of rib meat. You get your choice of the usual salad dressings, although I can’t imagine going with anything other than the house dressing, a BBQ ranch.

It was pretty good. I probably won’t get it as often as I get the ribs, but for value it’s hard to beat. Bartender was friendly and remembered me, even though it’s been a good 6-8 months since I’ve been in. I was pleased to see 16 oz. PBR cans, a new addition, in the refrigerator case. Unless your name is the Flying Saucer you pretty much have to ride the PBR train if you operate a bar Downtown.

While there, I was reminded that it’s been way too long since I had another of my Blues City favorites – hand rolled tamales with a cup of chili, also a really good value at $5.75. I’ll have to go back for a repeat visit soon. View their menu here.