Jersey Shore cast coming to Mississippi this weekend

Meghan has trouble deciding what to wear to Jersey Shore parties, because nearly everything in her closet is appropriate attire.

Want to meet the cast of Jersey Shore?

Um, yeah, me neither. But if you know anyone who does, tell them they should travel to Starkville Saturday. A local bar is having a grand re-opening celebration. They’re going to have a party with a Jersey Shore theme, and they’ve invited the cast of the TV show.

Actually, only Vinny has confirmed, but they’re working on the others. If you dream of fist pumping with Vinny, of doing a shot with The Situation, of staring at JWoww’s foobs, this may be your big chance. After all, this will likely be as close as the cast ever comes to Memphis.

At least, I hope it is.

More details on the party here.