Tomorrow is a very important day

Tomorrow is a big day. It’s load-in for the BBQ teams. Now, in past years I’ve had a very important and unique role on the team. “Paul, we need one team member to stay behind at the Saucer, and handle anything that comes up,” the team captains told me. Here’s a recap of what I did last year. On Saturday, first day of load-in, I had a key meeting with fountain of wisdom John D; I checked world financial news and thought how it might impact the Ques Brothers; and I met with a beverage consultant and ordered nine of her recommended beverages in 16-ounce amounts. I also gave advice to the captain of a new team. All of this could not be done anywhere but the Saucer.

When I heard that BBQ Fest had been moved to the fairgrounds, I talked to the our captains. “Surely you don’t need me to hold down the fort at the Saucer, when load-in is 5 miles away,” I protested. “I never get to have any fun at load-in. I’m ready to sweat, I’m ready to lift, I’m ready to get my hands dirty. I’m ready to work.”

The captains wouldn’t hear of it. “NO, Paul,” they told me firmly. “It is just too risky to leave the Saucer uncovered the entire day. We need you there. Now, you don’t have to stay the whole day. If you want to walk over to Bar None and show our sponsor some support by drinking a half yard of beer, that’s fine. Or if you want to spend a little time at Max’s gathering inside infomation on how to beat Squeal Street at cornhole, that’s good too. But most of the day, it is imperative – I can’t stress this enough, Paul – absolutely imperative that you be at the Saucer for load-in Sunday.”

The team has spoken, and I must obey.

On another note… where are my manners? Fourth post of the day and I haven’t mentioned the GRIZZLIES yet??? I have tickets, and the Grizzlies expert who doesn’t get invited to parties has confirmed that the start time is 4 PM. Going to make a stop by the Chris Vernon Show booth outside, and pick up a Z-Bo shirt, as well as Tony Allen shirt if they still have any left. For those not going, game will be broadcast on ESPN.

You may notice a different look to the blog this morning. I’m playing around with Google web fonts. There’s a plug-in for WordPress, giving bloggers over 100 font options, instead of just the dozen or so Web-safe options we’ve had for the past 15 years. Hope you enjoy the new look once I get it tweaked; for a while today it will be under construction.