10 BBQ Fest 2011 memories

Ten of the best memories of BBQ Fest this year, in no particular order:

– Dancing with Audrey in the Ques brothers booth

– The antelope that Nikki’s parents brought from Montana. I never knew antelope tasted so good.

– Suzy. Tube top. ‘Nuff said.

– Watching the tribute video of Big Dave made by Willy. Not Willie, our cook, or Willie Jr., our assistant cook, but another Willy who was great friends with Dave.

– The WITCH who came in our booth, ate and drank, then threw a full cup of water on me. She probably thinks she ruined my Friday and that I spent the rest of the night steaming about the incident. I hope one of my friends who was there tells her how the rest of my Friday went.

– The couple from Holland who we met on the shuttle. They came to our booth and got a tour of our cooking rig. One of the things I most enjoy about BBQ Fest is showing first-timers around.

– The rig itself. It’s the first time we’ve used a two-story trailer rather than scaffolding. You could tell it was not a new trailer – we rented it from a former team and it was a bit rusty in places – but the team enjoyed it. It was far less work than setting scaffolding up.

– Donna, the suckling pig that was served for dinner Wednesday night at the Squeal Street booth

– Pre-gaming at the Saucer every day. Frequently heard quote: “Well, you know… I was going to leave… but you know, I think I’m going to have ONE MORE!”

– The emergence of Bud Light into the premium beer category. Several of my friends didn’t want to drink the Natty that was being served in our booth, so they went to the store and bought Bud Light instead.

Still one more BBQ Fest post to come. Check back.