Fri update: Food trucks, CSF’s Peiser is recognized, the new Saturn that’s not a Saturn, copy editor job, rock climbing and our bass-ackward state legislature

Everyone is saying that tomorrow will be The Rapture. Fine with me. In the religion I subscribe to, there’s only one sin, and that’s karaoke, so I’m good to go! Bring it!

Four food trucks are in town for the Food Network’s show The Great Food Truck Race. One of the trucks, the Hodge Podge Truck, was smart enough to establish connections with local bloggers. They’ll be selling prime rib tacos Saturday at Main and Peabody Place from 12 to 9. Let’s come out and support them and carry them to victory!

(By the way… after you eat your prime rib tacos, how about stopping at the bar at Majestic Grille for a drink. They’ve been one of the biggest supporters of food trucks in Memphis.)

Huge congratulations to Judy Peiser from the Center for Southern Folklore. She was honored by the Tennessee State Legislature on Wednesday. Resolution 243 honored her commitment to preserving the social history and music of the South, while striving to educate and inform the general public of its importance. It’s about time Judy got recognized for all she does. A very much deserved resolution!

Fellow Saturn owners: I learned some interesting information today. Right before GM shut it down, Saturn had a new model all ready to roll out. It didn’t make sense to just scrap the new car, so GM gave it to Buick and it became the Regal.

The Memphis Flyer is looking for a permanent part-time copy editor. 20 hours a week, Friday, Monday and Tuesday. Only experienced/qualified people need apply. Email

If you’re into rock climbing, BRIDGES is having one of its ClimBRIDGES events tonight where you can climb their rock wall. Details here.

How embarrassed I am to be a citizen of a state whose legislature enacts the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Seriously, why is time being wasted on this crap? We need to quit judging and quit sticking our nose in other people’s business. A Gallup poll that was just released shows that for the first time, a majority of Americans favor gay marriage. As America moves forward, Tennessee moves backward. Maybe Memphis, Chattanooga and Nashville should secede and form a new state. The rest of the state can then change its name to “Redneckville.” What’s next, a bill to re-introduce slavery?

Plans for tonight: Hell if I know. I’ll probably go out and drink a beer or something.