Fri update: Peabody on Price is Right, Burly’s Groupon, welcome LeBonheur employees, beer fest gets new sponsor, CCC may get new name, trolley night tonight

The Peabody was a prize on The Price is Right this morning. You can view the video here. This is the second time they’ve been featured as a prize.

Burly’s Burgers at 662 Madison is this weekend’s Groupon. $6 for $13 worth of food. Get it here.

Congrats to LeBonheur Health and Well-being on their move into 50 Peabody Place. Their move was overshadowed by the larger Pinnacle Airlines announcement. Downtowners, let’s give the 135 LeBonheur health outreach workers the welcome they deserve!

An awesome beer festival just keeps on getting better: Central BBQ has been announced as a sponsor of the October 15 Cooper-Young Beerfest. I’ll say it again, this is the best beer festival I’ve been to, and well worth a cab ride from Downtown.

The Center City Commission is considering renaming itself. They wonder if “Downtown Memphis” should be in the name, and are considering options like Downtown Memphis Alliance, Downtown Memphis Commission, Downtown Memphis Authority, Downtown Memphis Development Agency and Downtown Memphis Resource Center. I ran into CCC president Paul Morris last night at the Majestic, and he told me he hopes Downtown Memphis Commission wins, because then when people ask what he does, he’ll be able to tell them, “I Run DMC. And it’s tricky.”

South Main Trolley Night is tonight! Carnival entertainment and Whitney and Brittney selling Ghost River beer! Gary and Ella competing in a cook-off! Tube Top Month begins at 5 PM, so put on a tube top and come on down. I’ll be out with the camera, so if you want your pic on the blog for Tube Top Month, come find me!