Fri update: Trolleys, chicken, stuff to do tonight

Brick is taking a trip to Rhode Island soon. I asked her if she knew it's not really an island.

Yeah, yeah, I know… sorry for the lack of a lunchtime post today, but I was having issue with a major company’s support site. I was just too ticked off to write anything worth reading.

In case you missed the news, eight people tried to board the trolleys and falsely claim injury after yesterday afternoon’s trolley crash. My God. Some people are just unbelievable. Way to keep it classy, there, Memphis.

Speaking of the trolleys, they’re 25 cents tomorrow due to high ozone in the atmosphere. MATA buses will be 25 cents too.

The Memphis Business Journal print edition had an article on the Krispy Krunchy Chicken going in at 51 S. Main. They’re going to knock down the back wall and use the full building, so it will be twice as large as the space was when it was Hari’s and Renee’s Sandwich Shop.

The Redbirds are having a fireworks game tonight if you’re looking for something to do (and don’t mind 99 degree heat). Game at 7:05, fireworks afterward. Breakfast at Tiffany’s plays at the Orpheum (with Little Black Dress contest), and Michael Buble is at the FedExForum.

Weird weekend… most of the crew I hang with are out of town on a canoe trip. I was invited but declined because I’m not a great swimmer. No intention of staying home alone all weekend though. I plan to get out and hit some places I haven’t been in a while, make my own fun. I’ll have the camera with me and will post a report if anything interesting happens.

Or maybe I won’t, depending on what kind of fun I get into…