Mayorships regained

Christy chowing down on chips and chili queso at the Saucer

Today I regained my rightful status as mayor of two of Downtown’s premier bars, the Flying Saucer and Bardog Tavern.

I started the day at the bar at the Saucer, then moved to the couches when friends arrived. Did a little tube top watching, shot a pic of Christy chowing down… and stole the mayorship back. The former mayor is on a canoe trip and won’t be back until late tomorrow, so the Saucer mayorship should be mine for a while. I don’t miss days.

My mayoral pledge to the Saucer is to be a mayor who can hang all night. None of this “it’s 8:30, I’m heading south for a night of drama and bad singing” BS that we got from the former mayor every Saturday.

About 6:00 I moved on to Bardog Tavern. I checked in, stole that mayorship and enjoyed the Daily Dog for dinner. Today’s Dog is the Motor City Madman, with chili, cheese, onions and spicy mustard.

My mayoral pledge to Bardog is to never go “after all, I AM the mayor” in an attempt to get free food, the way a certain former mayor (not the most recent one) did.

Taking a break to let the phone charge, then back out. Most likely I’ll go to the Saucer to hear the band, with possible other stops nearby later in the evening.