Brunch at South of Beale was quacktacular!

With a lot of the Sunday brunch crew out of town on a canoe trip, I decided to try something new yesterday. I went to South of Beale and had their duck breakfast burrito.

Duck, scrambled eggs and smoked Gouda in a burrito topped with creme fraiche and tomatillo pico de gallo, served with a side of home fries. Really enjoyed it, as well as the big mimosa I got for $3.

After I finished, I walked north to the Saucer, but I made a stop on the way. Pulled out the phone and checked into Foursquare here:

Another key Downtown mayorship regained. I’d been mayor of the Statue of Elvis for about a year when my friend Brian stole it Music Fest weekend. With my checkin yesterday, I got it back. Oh well, Brian is still mayor of Supermoonamageddon and a bunch of other stupid venues he created. Maybe I should bring back the TubeTopalooza rooftop party so I can become mayor of it.

And now it’s Monday. I’ll probably do a lunchtime post. Pint Nite after work, unless I come up with a better plan.