New start time for Silly Goose poker on Mondays: 9 PM

Last week, Poker Jon announced that the Monday night poker game at the Silly Goose will have a new start time: 9 PM. Previously it had been starting at 10.

For me, this is great. The amount of time needed to finish a game depends on the number of players, but the last time I made it to heads-up it took 3 hours to get there. It’s nice to win the $50 prize, but staying out until 1 while having to be at work at 8… OUCH. Now the game should be over around 12, so I will only miss a little sleep if I go all the way to the end.

There’s also another benefit for me. The earlier start time means one less hour drinking Pint Nite beers down the street. That means I’ll show up at the Goose with more acute mental capabilities than in most weeks in the past. Hopefully that will translate into more final tables and more wins.

I can see it being not so good for others who play, though. A lot of service industry people get off work around 10 on Mondays and come over to play. Now the game will already have been going an hour. Poker Jon lets people enter the game late, but at that point the blinds will be at the 4th level, leaving little opportunity to play solid poker given the size of the starting stacks relative to the blinds.

Maybe they should offer additional incentive to get people to play. Have Brick wear a tube top, for example.