Silly Goose happy hour tip for PBR drinkers

The PBRtini (PBR in a martini glass) is a classic Downtown cocktail, but wait until after 7:30 to have one.

This is going to be a very surprising tip coming from me: Don’t drink the PBR.

The Goose’s happy hour is from Monday-Friday from 4 until 7:30. Last Tuesday I walked over to the Goose for trivia, getting there early, about 7:20. I ordered a PBR, which at the Goose is served in a 16 oz. can. I think they cost $3.50.

Then I looked over at the chalkboard. “$2 domestic longnecks during happy hour.” Since PBR comes in a can, it’s not on happy hour. D’oh!

I think PBR is a superior beer to Budweiser, but for the price difference, Bud wins. Same for Miller Lite and Bud Light. So during happy hour, I’m going to be ordering those beers from now on, then switching to PBR after 7:30. (I don’t think I’d pick a $2 Mich Ultra or a $2 Coors Light over a $3.50 PBR, however. Ultra is basically brown water and Coors Light is nasty. Then again, any beer is good when served by Brick in a tube top.)

Part of life Downtown is learning to drink for value. The $2 longnecks are the way to go.