Tue update: Marc Gasol is #1, Thai Bistro, Slider Inn, Downtown to get more recycling containers, Aquanet to play Peabody roof this week, stuff going on tonight

Bunch of linky links in this Tuesday lunchtime post.

First up: CBSSports.com posted a list of the top NBA free agents on their Eye on Basketball blog. Of the 40 free agents, who was number one on the list? The Grizzlies’ very own Marc Gasol. They cited his youth, talent, playoff run and the fact that centers are at a premium in the league. Congratulations to Marc on making the top of the list. Let’s get him signed!

Next up: The Memphis Flyer had an article about the new Thai Bistro to open on Madison. Super excited about this new restaurant. With Thai Bistro and Brass Door both scheduled to open next month, the block of Madison between Second and Third will finally rock after years of neglect.

The Flyer also had an article about Slider Inn, set to open next month at Peabody and Cooper. Bardog Tavern owner Aldo Demartino is the man behind the new restaurant. Midtowners, let me tell you, if you’ve never been to Bardog, you’re in for a treat when Slider Inn opens. Great food, and I would guess the service will be up to Bardog’s high standards.

The CA had an article about new Memphis and Shelby County Office of Sustainability administrator Paul Young, and his plans for his new job. He outlined some “low-hanging fruit” he intends to go after, and one of the items is Downtown-related. He wants more recycling containers down here. They will encourage apartment buildings and condos to adopt recycling plans. I think that is an EXCELLENT idea. He points out that tourists from other cities will come here and see that we take care of “the little things” like recycling. Very very good idea and I’ll be happy to use my blog to spread the word about future recycling efforts.

I’ll do a longer post about Thursday’s Peabody rooftop party later in the week, but for now I just want to mention that Aquanet is playing. They’re the ’80s hair band cover band that is just awesome. Lots of Motley Crue, Ratt, Poison, all the good stuff. Brings back fond memories of Kelly Bundy in a tube top. I’ve been playing poker at Max’s a lot on Thursday nights, but I may have to skip poker this week. Who all is going to the rooftop? Guess I’ll ask that question on Facebook.

The usual Tuesday night stuff happens tonight: Trivia at Ferraro’s Pizzeria with $15 all-you-can-eat pizza and all-you-can-drink PBR; pint night at Bardog from 7 to 3 with all draft pints $3; $5 half-yards of beer at Bar None; trivia at the Silly Goose, 8 PM start time. The Rapscallions team has re-formed at the Goose, and although last week we had problems getting answers in on time (totally my fault), we’re starting to dominate like we used to at the Saucer. If the new team member who joined us last week is reading this, you’ll be welcomed back if you decide to return.

Time for a quick bite. Thinking it will be a Big Mac today.