Accidentally famous

This morning, I attended a Public Relations Society of America workshop about Twitter. Speaker was Sandra Fathi, president of Affect, an agency in New York City, and also president of the NYC PRSA chapter. Her talk was excellent and I got a lot of good ideas about connecting with journalists that I will take back to work this afternoon.

She discussed hashtags, and people mentioned how well the #memflood hashtag has been used on Twitter. So she pulled it up in HootSuite. Among the tweets that appeared was this one:

And the #memflood is gone RT @Paulryburn ousted @clay1278 as mayor of Flying Saucer Draught Emporium on @foursquare!

So there was one of my drunk tweets/Foursquare checkins, right there for the professional community of Memphis to see.

And who was sitting right next to me, looking at it as well? My boss. Yep. Fantastic.

Back Downtown for lunch, eating one of my favorite comfort foods, chili with jalapenos, onions and cheese from Court House Deli. Was tempted to eat outside because there was a hot MILF in a tube top dress out there, but I decided to bring it home and do a blog post. The owner of the place said, “Hey Paul. Here. Try these,” as I was walking out and handed me three of their new blackened voodoo wings. I thought about telling him I already tried a full order last month when I was on vacation. But then I thought, the Nuh-Uh Girl wouldn’t turn down free food, why should I?

In other news: Bar None is planning an ’80s party Saturday night. I’m short on time so I’ll just paste the description from Facebook. Sorry about the caps (theirs, not mine):


A friend of mine texted me from Tuesday night steak night at the Downtown Blue Monkey last night. He said the steaks are fantastic and they use only meat from Charlie’s Meat Market. See, I can say good things about the Monkey, just not about their karaoke night. I’ll have to check out their steak night sometime soon.

Harp is the Fire Sale today. Since it tastes exactly like a beer I love, PBR, I’ll be there at the Saucer at 5:30 to enjoy a few. I’m about 50/50 on whether I’ll do poker in Bardog’s Underdog Room at 7:30 tonight. I’d said I was only going to go if a potential opponent decides to stop being a no-fun crybaby and go out, but you know what? $2 Coronas mean there’s a very good chance I’ll show up regardless.

Time for a sweaty drive back to Horn Lake in a hot car. I need to go to more of those PRSA workshops. It really was informative and worth whatever my company paid for me to go.

New places on Madison and fun at Bardog

Last night I started out with a walk down Madison to the First Tennessee building to use their ATM. Snapped a couple of pics along the way.

The Brass Door has its sign up and its beer permit application in the window. Those are signs that the Irish pub will open soon.
Meanwhile, across the street at 149 Madison, Thai Bistro will open soon. They already have a location in Germantown.

Then I moved on to Bardog…

Amanda "Panda" Parks holding a case of Corona. I thought it would take a while to train the bartenders to bring me Coronas ($2 all month long) rather than PBR, but Amanda plopped one down in front of me as soon as I sat at the bar.
New Memphian "Tex," who recently moved here from Austin, celebrating his birthday.

My only complaint about Bardog was that it was tube top deficient last night. C’mon people get it together!!!

I then moved on to the Saucer and watched the rest of the basketball game. They left the news on afterward and there was video from Rudy Williams’ music memorial. They had a trumpet made of flowers and his straw hat and I was fighting back tears as I watched it.

I have a PR meeting at the U of M this morning and will eat somewhere nearby, so probably no time for a lunchtime post for today. Plans for tonight: Not set in stone but leaning toward poker in Bardog’s Underdog Room (7:30). I thought I was going to have a new person to beat, but it looks like someone is having trouble putting her big girl panties on and coming out on a weeknight. We will see.

The PR meeting is about Twitter. If I learn anything interesting I’ll recap it later…

$2 Corona bottles all month at Bardog

I just received the “Bark & Herald,” the email newsletter Bardog Tavern sends out. In it I found a great June special: $2 Corona bottles, with or without lime, all day long, all month long. What a sweet deal! Now I’m going to be torn as to whether to drink Corona and PBR when I’m there. Which I’m about to be in a few minutes!

Tube tops and Corona will keep you cool this hot June!

Tue update: Antique tie bars for sale, Rudy’s funeral and procession, Grizzlies to hold open house

I’ll start off today’s lunchtime blog post with an item of interest to men, and no, it has nothing to do with tube tops. If you like wearing ties, Tom Shelton just scored a bunch of antique tie bars. He sorted out the best ones and is selling them at Shelton Clothiers. Not an item I have any use for (I hate ties and never wear them, except on Halloween), but for others it’s a chance to wear a piece of history.

There will be a music memorial for Beale Street ambassador Rudy Williams tonight at N.J. Ford and Sons funeral home from 5 to 7 PM today. Rudy’s funeral will be at Greater Mt. Moriah Baptist Church on S. Wellington tomorrow at 11. There will be a procession down Beale from Second to Handy Park at 1 tomorrow. Family, friends and musicians who want to participate are asked to meet at 12:30. Burial will be at the West Tennessee Veterans Cemetery at 2.

I know a lot of people are thinking about buying season tickets to the Grizzlies next year, after they electrified Memphis with a 2011 playoff run. On Saturday, June 18 they will have an open house where you can test-drive the seats you want. They’ll have free headbands for the first 200 attendees, and from 12 to 1 you’ll have the chance to meet a Grizzlies player. Season ticket holders get merchandise discounts, exclusive event invitations, and playoff ticket priority, so if you’re on the fence there are a lot of good reasons to go ahead and make the purchase.

For the second week in a row I didn’t make it to poker at the Goose. I hung out at Pint Nite at the Saucer until about 9. Around that time I started to get tired, and knew I didn’t have it in me to stay up until 1, which would be required to win poker. So I went to Bardog and defended my mayorship there instead. Got to hang out with the Salty Dogs in the Underdog Room for a few minutes, which was a treat. I like their runners’ group and like to think I’m with them in spirit on their runs. I also got some wooden nickels good for 5 cent PBRs.

Plans for tonight: Don’t know. Trivia at Ferraro’s? Trivia at the Goose? Saucer is a definite NO after management made a smartass comment on Twitter about us not being able to win without our friends calling trivia. (Actually, we won it the first three weeks in a row after David took it over.) Another option is to just skip all the trivia nights and hang out at Bardog for happy hour and then pint night. I guess the gang will exchange texts this afternoon and figure it all out. Going to grab a quick sandwich, then start climbing the mountain of web updates awaiting me at work!

Now here’s a karaoke night I can actually support!

Yesterday evening after work, I was surfing’s Events page for things to blog about, and I found this:

Ferraro’s Pizzeria & Pub. 111 Jackson. (901) 522-2033. 8pm. $15. With a pizza buffet and all-you-can-drink drafts.

Now, as you all know, I normally HATE karaoke. However, I will recommend this one for several reasons:

1) The all-you-can-drink drafts are most likely PBR;

2) Ferraro’s pizza is awesome!

3) Thursday night is a good night to do karaoke. It’s not worth wasting a weekend night, but a Thursday, sure.

4) There tend to be a lot of hot girls who are customers at Ferraro’s (maybe even a few in tube tops), especially compared to that place “down south” that does Saturday night karaoke.

5) The Nuh-Uh Girl does the Peabody rooftop parties on Thursdays, so you don’t have to worry about her showing up and eating all the pizza.

For $15 this is a bargain. I’d be willing to put up with bad singing for all-you-can-eat pizza and all-you-can-drink PBR. Never thought I’d be recommending a karaoke night, but this one is good to go.

Salty Dogs runners group to host pub crawl/run tonight

The Salty Dogs, the runners’ group that meets at Bardog Tavern every Monday, is doing a pub crawl tonight. They will meet at Bardog at 6:30, and then embark on a pub crawl/run to Silky O’ Sullivan’s, Earnestine & Hazel’s, and the Flying Saucer, before ending back at Bardog. Theme is Hawaiian luau, and I hear a prize will be awarded for best outfit. They’re an open group and are always happy to see new runners, so show up at Bardog if you’re interested in running. A tube top and a grass skirt would be my recommendation for attire.

Happy to finally take part in a Salty Dogs event, although I’ll miss the Bardog, Silky’s and E&H stops on the pub crawl. Well, a Bardog stop is not out of the question, but I won’t be running there.

By the way, why is the Michelob Ultra bike still hanging at Bardog? I thought they were going to give it away the last weekend in May, after people bought Mich Ultra to enter to win. Doesn’t anyone like shitty, watery beer?

In other news, Bob Dylan will play Mud Island on July 30. Opening act will be Leon Russell. Tickets go on sale on Ticketmaster at 10 AM on Friday.

WWE Raw’s world tour will be back at the FedExForum August 27. That’s a Sunday, so it will not be a televised show.

All right, that’s all I’ve got for today. It’s lunchtime, not hungry, don’t feel like getting in a hot car. Not sure what I’ll do the next 45 minutes…

Brunch at South of Beale was quacktacular!

With a lot of the Sunday brunch crew out of town on a canoe trip, I decided to try something new yesterday. I went to South of Beale and had their duck breakfast burrito.

Duck, scrambled eggs and smoked Gouda in a burrito topped with creme fraiche and tomatillo pico de gallo, served with a side of home fries. Really enjoyed it, as well as the big mimosa I got for $3.

After I finished, I walked north to the Saucer, but I made a stop on the way. Pulled out the phone and checked into Foursquare here:

Another key Downtown mayorship regained. I’d been mayor of the Statue of Elvis for about a year when my friend Brian stole it Music Fest weekend. With my checkin yesterday, I got it back. Oh well, Brian is still mayor of Supermoonamageddon and a bunch of other stupid venues he created. Maybe I should bring back the TubeTopalooza rooftop party so I can become mayor of it.

And now it’s Monday. I’ll probably do a lunchtime post. Pint Nite after work, unless I come up with a better plan.

The art of the fake Foursquare checkin (Updated: with video)

This weekend, most of my friends were out of town on a canoe trip. Many of them like to spend their Saturday nights, when they’re in town, at karaoke night at the Downtown Blue Monkey. While I think the Monkey is a great bar, I can think of nothing more boring to do on a Saturday than listen to bad singing. So I’ve been steadfast in my refusal to go, up until yesterday.

However, with the gang out on a canoe trip, and with big-time karaoke supporter Robo late getting there because he went to the ZZ Top concert, I decided to have a little fun. I got on Twitter and teased that I was considering going. I said I even had a song picked out, “I Was Made for Dancing” by Leif Garrett. Leif Garrett was to 1979 what Justin Bieber is to 2011. Well, except Leif had about 10,000 times more talent. Which still isn’t saying much.

About 9:45 I put the following on Twitter:

“Karaoke! (@ Blue Monkey w/2 others)”

People saw the Foursquare checkin and assumed I was there. A little later, my friend Frank tweeted that he’d been there 40 minutes, and no one had sung yet, “not even @paulryburn.” I waited about an hour, then the following went to Twitter:

“Back home where I belong, in a karaoke-free zone! (@ Flying Saucer Draught Emporium w/ 5 others)

So it looked like I went there, had a boring time, and returned back to my home away from home. That’s the story I told Twitter Saturday night.

Look at the first checkin. Particularly, the last part of the URL. Sound it out and you’ll see my true reaction to karaoke night.

To make things even more fun, I was posting to Facebook throughout the night as well. Except, on Facebook I was posting what I was really doing – listening to people with actual singing talent (West TN Wife Swappers reunion show) and checking out tube tops at the Saucer. Most of the karaoke supporters are active on Twitter though, and I fooled several into believing I really was briefly there. I’m a karaoke ninja! Maybe I’ll bring a karaoke machine to the South Main Ninja Parade on April 1 of next year.

Up early today, so I’m going to do something different and try South of Beale‘s brunch. After that it’ll be Sunday Fun Day business as usual at the Saucer.

(Edited to add: Holy crap, it’s amazing what you can find on YouTube. Here’s the video.)

Flying Saucer will cease to be a giant ashtray July 1

I’ve known about this for some time and have held back, but now management has tweeted it so I’ll go ahead. The Flying Saucer is converting to all non-smoking on July 1. They tried a partial smoking ban before but gave it up. This time they’re going for the whole enchilada. The entire place will be smoke-free, inside room and the Garden. If you want to smoke you’ll have to go outside.

There’s been a lot of discussion among regulars about this. I personally think this is an EXCELLENT move. There are a lot of people who don’t come to the Saucer because they don’t want their hair and clothes and tube tops to smell like smoke. Now they can come back. Also, the Saucer is a beer bar. The whole point is to find new beers you like and learn about them. You’ll be able to do that much better without cigarette smoke affecting your senses of smell and taste.

This will be a point of debate among the Sunday brunch crew, as some members are adamant that they will never set foot in the place again. I do not see a reason to be inconvenienced because of someone else’s filthy, disgusting habit, and plan on keeping my Sunday plans intact: Majestic (which is not involved in this in any way) at 11, Saucer at 12. If I have fewer people to hang with that’s fine.

Smoking in public is going the way of the dinosaurs. Most states have outlawed it already. Kudos to the Saucer for taking the lead on this issue. Wish the Tennessee legislature would make the right move and ban it everywhere.

Y’know what? I’m laying down the law. Pool checkins, pics and Facebook

A first for Tube Top Month: The Outstanding Performance During Tube Top Month Without Actually Wearing a Tube Top trophy

It’s pool season and I’m about to lay down the law. I’ve seen too many status updates, checkins and pics on Facebook involving pools that are a waste of my time.

This is how it is: If you are female and hot, if you check in at a pool or post a Facebook status update from a pool, you owe us a full-on bikini shot from head to toe. No substitutes. No shots of the water in the pool. We know that there’s water in the pool; otherwise what would be the point? No shots of your damn feet laying out. Here’s a secret. Guys don’t care about your feet. You can spend mega $$$ for a pedicure but we don’t care. We want to see the goods. Full on bikini shot head to toe.

To the very few of my Facebook friends who get this, I award you an Outstanding Performance During Tube Top Month Without Actually Wearing a Tube Top trophy. Feel free to save the image of this trophy and post to your profiles. You are an inspiration, and I most definitely appreciate what you do. The rest of you need to catch up.