Green Beetle opening night

After some Pint Nite beers at the Saucer, I wandered down to the Green Beetle for their (re)opening night. In case you missed it, I posted several pics yesterday in a sneak preview post. Here are some more.

When I took a pic of the menu Saturday, I didn’t realize it was two-sided. Here’s the entree side.
Just so you have it all in one place, here’s a repost of the app/salad sandwich side of the menu.
When I was in there Saturday I didn’t get a photo of this awesome door.
View of the TV from my mid-bar seat. Not zoomed in at all. At the Beetle you don’t have to crane your neck. As for why it’s on the Joy Behar show, I don’t know. And guys, you know you own the TV now, you can remove the plastic packing tape around the edges.

Two other major improvements from the old Beetle that I want to mention. 1) They actually bothered to air condition the place a little. It’s no longer 5 degrees hotter inside than outside; and 2) clearly they brought in an exterminator. I loved the old-school Beetle but am glad I don’t have to watch Mr. and Mrs. Roach and Baby Roach race around the counter as I drink my beer. Nice and clean and sanitized now.

A very impressive first night. I’ll be back.