Build-your-own snack tray @ Flying Saucer

I checked our trivia team’s winnings before leaving the apartment tonight, and discovered we had a $25 gift certificate expiring tonight at the Saucer. So I “bought” the certificate from the team, spending it and pledging $25 cash toward the next party. With only two hours to spend $25 before Silly Goose trivia started down the street, I decided I’d have to have dinner.

I got the build-your-own snack tray, pictured above. On the left: Crackers, toast and German mustard. On the right, from top to bottom: Apple slices, brie, salmon, cotswold, black pepper salami, olive tapenade and almonds. Cotswold is a mild cheese with chives; I’m assuming I don’t have to expain brie. The brie went well with the apples, crackers and the olive tapenade. The salami went well with the mustard. The cotswold went well with the almonds. The salmon went well with the salmon. For a snack tray this was a lot of food, and reasonably priced at $13.99. Plus you can enjoy your food without the offensive odor of cigarette smoke.

We lost at Silly Goose trivia, but what a great turn-out for our team. Eight people total and all people I was delighted to have there. Despite being packed around a 6-top table, there seemed to be more room than usual for the 8 of us. We’re still first in the three-month cumulative standings.

Was going to hang out afterward, but both Saucer and Bardog were packed due to some convention in town. Decided in favor of a full night’s sleep. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be out.