Sausage and pepper sandwich @ Green Beetle

Last night about 8 I wandered south to Max’s Sports Bar. Josh and Mark were sitting out front of the Green Beetle. They invited me in. I told them I couldn’t stop right then, because I told people I’d be at Max’s, but I’d catch them on the way back. “Well, come on by,” they told me. “We’ll have the kitchen open late and cold beer.”

A couple of hours later, I stopped by. I ordered the sandwich I’d been wanting to try since I first saw the menu: The sandwich pictured above, with sausage covered in onions and red and green peppers. It came with a huge bowl of marinara for dipping, and my choice of fries and potato salad. I went with potato salad, and let me tell you, it’s right up there with Bardog’s as the best potato salad Downtown. Sandwich was tasty too. At $7, a very good value.

Fun day yesterday. Did a little afternoon beer drinking with friends at the Saucer, then returned at 6:30 for a double plate party. My friend Bicycle Bobby completed his 10th time around the Ring of Honor. In addition to the plate party, the Saucer will send him and a friend to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, and for future plate parties the amount he gets to spend goes up to $200. Meanwhile, Cap’n Sparkles got his third plate, earning him a “3PEAT” T-shirt, and when he gets his 4th plate done, his plate party amount will go up to $125. Congrats to both, and thanks for letting me be a part of your combined party. Prospective members: Even if you never drink any beers toward the plate, joining the UFO Club is a good deal because it lets you beat the $3 cover for bands. Do that six times and you’ve recovered the cost of membership. Just tell your server or bartender that you want to join, and they’ll make it happen.

After the Saucer I went to Max’s, where I resisted the temptation to get a blue crack box and play poker, and actually TALKED TO PEOPLE instead. Proud of myself for that. Lately I’ve had tunnel vision for poker there, since I can’t play online anymore.

Plans for today: Well, it’s almost 11, and I haven’t even showered yet, so brunch at the Majestic is looking like a no-go this week. However, I will be at the Saucer for Sunday Fun Day at noon. Later in the afternoon I’ll have to make a trip to Bardog… it’s Brooke’s last shift before she moves to the Slider Inn. Time to get this party started. Sending “put something good on fire sale” positive vibes the Saucer’s direction…