Thur update: BOM voting ends tomorrow, Brass Door, U of M coaches at Redbirds game, Kerry conquers the Kookamonga, Jeffrey and the Pacemakers to play Huey’s

Sorry I didn’t get a post up at lunchtime. I spent most of my lunch hour voting in the Memphis Flyer Best of Memphis poll. If you haven’t voted yet, tomorrow is your last day.

It looks like the Brass Door Irish pub won’t be open this weekend after all. My friend who had a birthday party scheduled there for Saturday sent a message postponing it, because the bar won’t be open in time. Disappointing, because I really was looking forward to checking the place out, but with all the red tape involved in opening a new bar, I’m not very surprised.

U of M football coach Larry Porter and basketball coach Josh Pastner will throw out first pitches at the Redbirds game Monday, August 1. There will be special club level and dugout seats set aside, for $21 and $16, that will include a meet-and-greet with the coaches after the first pitches are thrown. Call Preston at 901-722-0289 or Alex at 901-722-0271 if you’re interested in this ticket deal.

Kerry from the I Love Memphis Blog conquered the Kookamonga Challenge  at Kooky Canuck last night. Okay, she had a little help… normally a person has to eat the entire 7 1/2 pound burger, including 4 pounds of ground beef, by themselves in less than an hour. Kerry got to assemble a team to help her. Still, though, they each put away a pound of ground beef plus bun and trimmings in just over 23 minutes. Not bad at all!

British Invasion cover band Jeffrey and the Pacemakers will play Huey’s Downtown at 8:30 Sunday night. Songs from the Beatles, Animals, Kinks and bands of that era. I’ve heard them a couple of times and they’re really good. I’ll have to take it easy early in the day on Sunday Fun Day, and try to last long enough to at least hear their first set.

Plans for tonight: Taking a week off from poker at Max’s Sports Bar. Lately people have had to get there by 6:05 to get a box to play the 7:00 tournament, and I don’t feel like making a mad dash down there. Besides, I want to try one of the three new flavors of the Saucer’s wings – Mojo (Cajun), Asian, or Atomic (super hot). They still have the Buffalo style they had before, if you were a fan of that sauce. Not sure if I’ll just hang out there all night or move to another bar; guess I’ll just make it up as I go along.