Recap of last night: Black Snake Moan, Chuck gets a thank-you present, and planking on Max’s deck

South Main Trolley Night last night was absolutely off-the-chain fun. Despite the heat, turnout for the monthly event was extremely good. My shirt was drenched with sweat, but I didn’t care.

In Harry’s Detour courtyard, Michael Patrick was handing out spring rolls, there was a lemonade stand, and at 7:30 there was a Memphis movie costume contest.

Nikki and Josh, winners of the costume contest as a scene from Black Snake Moan

Lots of other stuff was going on too. Bravo had its opening event at the MPACT Memphis offices. Those who wore orange got free beer and wine. I don’t own any orange, other than that horrible jacket I wore when I was “Bruce Pearl” for Halloween last year, so I passed. I wandered in the Memphis College of Art gallery to get out of the heat, and enjoyed the excellent graduate student exhibit. There are some seriously talented people going to school there!

About 8:30 we ducked into Max’s Sports Bar to get out of the heat. “A couple of beers here, then I’ll head north to defend my Foursquare mayorships at the Saucer and Bardog,” I thought. That never happened. Max’s was so much fun that I didn’t want to leave!

Elvis and Lee at Max's

Across the street, Harry’s Detour had its final night. After the restaurant closed, Chuck came over to Max’s, where he was presented with a gift for all he has done for South Main.

Later in the evening, several of us ended up on Max’s back deck. I noticed that it offered a lot of excellent opportunities for planking. It seemed like an especially excellent idea because of the umpteen beers I had consumed by that point.

I wanted to plank the rail of Max's deck but my friends talked me out of it. Spending Saturday morning in the hospital would not have been fun.
I then settled for a safer plank, across two of the benches.
Chad planked Max's grill.

Thanks to Lauren for driving me home, as the 12-block walk home would have been iffy at best, given my condition.

Fun day ahead. I want to give the Brass Door a try, and hopefully take some photos and post them later this afternoon. It’s a friend’s last day in town visiting, and another friend’s going-away party at the Saucer. Another weekend of excitement in Downtown Memphis!