Friends praise Skull X Rose tattoo shop

A couple of days ago, I posted that a new tattoo parlor called Skull X Rose had opened on Second next door to Raiford’s. Since I don’t have tatts, I knew I’d never be able to personally review it. However, a couple of friends of mine went there last night. They were very happy with the work they had done. They told me it’s open noon to midnight, and unlike many tattoo parlors they accept walk-ins.

Fun night last night. After an afternoon at the Brass Door, I went to the Saucer where about 40 of us said goodbye to our friend Gary. He’s moving to the West Coast. About 11:30 I tried to take three friends to the Brass Door, but they had closed at 11 because it was their soft opening. So back to the Saucer we went, where I ended up staying ’til the lights came on. Then I went home… of course, Bardog was on the way home.

It’s Sunday Fun Day, which means business as usual but one extra stop this week. Majestic Grille for brunch at 11, Saucer at noon, and Huey’s at 8:30 PM to hear British Invasion cover band Jeffrey and the Pacemakers. We had a huge Sunday Fun Day at the Saucer last week, with probably 20 people from our extended Downtown group showing up at some point in the afternoon. Here’s a pic from last Sunday of Christy chowing down on chicken fingers.

Time to hit Publish, drink a Mountain Dew Throwback, get dressed and get the day started. I have several posts waiting in Drafts, so I may publish one or two of them from my phone this afternoon.