Sometimes dreams DO come true: Flying Saucer is smoke free! Plus Canada Day and other news

The day we’ve been waiting for is finally here! It’s July 1 and the Flying Saucer is SMOKE FREE! A lot of people are gathering around 7:30 to enjoy their first smoke-free beer, but I’ll be there earlier, around 6 probably. Come join the celebration!

At 8 I’ll wander down the street to Kooky Canuck, where my friend Joe will participate in their poutine eating contest. Poutine, for those who have never had it, consists of fries topped with gravy and Canadian cheese. It’s part of their Canada Day celebration. They’ll have Canadian bottles of beer for $2 all day today, and $5 34 oz. 40 Tea. They will also have a special Canadian menu of split pea soup, app’eh’tizers of perogies and poutine, entr’eh’s of Montreal steamies and tourtiere, and desserts of butter tarts and Nainamo bars. Suggested attire: a tube top with the Canadian maple leaf on it. Or any tube top really.

Yeah I didn’t know what tourtiere was either. It’s a meat pie. Here’s a link to the Wikipedia entry on tourtiere.

It’s also Hustle & Flow night at the Orpheum, 7:15 showtime but come early for a talk by Craig Brewer.

Another Downtown Groupon today: $10 for $20 worth of food at The Pig on Beale.

Buses and trolleys have reduced fares of 25 cents once again today, thanks to the ozone alert.

Time to grab a quick lunch, then start counting down the hours until I can have my first SMOKE FREE beer!!!!!