Beetle Burger and key lime cake @ Green Beetle

Back with the third Paul’s Food Find post in the past 12 hours. No, I didn’t eat all this food today… just got behind on my posting.

Tonight I went to the Green Beetle for dinner. I decided to order the Beetle Burger.

Half pound of beef, cooked as you like it, with all the trimmings. You can add cheese for 50 cents extra. I asked what kind of cheese they had. They said they had American, provolone, and blue cheese. I went with provolone, kicked the tomato to the curb, added some mustard, and boy was it yummy. Steak fries on the side were good too.

Mark told me I had to leave room for dessert. “Would you prefer banana pudding cupcakes, or key lime cake?” Anything with key lime is an instant classic in my book, so I went with the key lime cake, also known as Beetle Cake because of the color.

Extremely rich and very… well, limey. Definitely a dessert I would recommend.

I talked to them about this past weekend. They were so busy for Trolley Night that there was a wait. No surprise there, because that’s typical of a South Main restaurant. However, they were also busy Saturday, and this is the cool part… they were so busy Sunday night that they were still serving their home-cooked lasagna and chicken fried steak at 12:30 AM. Very good to hear that people are getting out and enjoying the Beetle that late on what is traditionally an off-night.

Chef Jonathon Plumley will be in a new episode of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX tomorrow night at 7. I hear it is going to be a good episode, so tune in.