Mojo wings @ Flying Saucer

Thursday night I decided to try one of the three new varieties of wings on the Flying Saucer’s menu. In addition to traditional Buffalo sauce, they now have

  • Mojo wings with Cajun spices
  • Asian wings with peanut, plum and cayenne
  • Atomic wings (super hot)

Unable to decide which I wanted, I decided to be a computer nerd and pulled up the random number generator at on my iPhone. I had it generate a random number between 1 and 3, and it picked 1, which meant the Mojo wings would be my order.

The Mojo wings had a spicy kick to them. On the traditional wing heat levels of mild – medium – hot – extra hot – suicide, I’d estimate the spiciness was between medium and hot, although the taste was different because of the way they are prepared. They rub them in Cajun spices, then apply a light sauce.

I noticed that the number of wings you get has decreased from 10 to 8, while the price went up 30 cents to $8.29. On a positive note, though, they’re being a lot more generous with the veggies. Huge pieces of celery and carrots accompanied my order, as opposed to the widdle bitty ones they used to serve. I’m a big fan of dipping veggies in blue cheese, so that’s a plus.

As I finished up, the bartender said, “Would you get them again?” and my answer was yes, definitely. Flavorful, yet spicy enough to keep my attention.

I’ll try the Asian and Atomic wings soon and type up a report.