Sliders of the Day @ The Brass Door

Today I went back to the Brass Door for my second visit. I wanted lunch, and thanks to Facebook I’d already picked out what I wanted. Every day they have a Slider of the Day, and this morning they posted today’s slider: Chorizo burger with spicy cucumber pickle and roasted red pepper mayo. They came with a side of the bar’s hand-cut chips.  I likedd the flavor of the chorizo, and the spiciness of the mayo gave it just the right amount of kick. I absolutely love their chips and could eat them all day long.

They also have a Sandwich of the Day, and a Hot Pot of the day. “Like” them on Facebook to keep up with their specials.

Although only my second visit at the Brass Door, the bartender remembered that I drink PBR, and that last Saturday I’d had a couple of them in a martini glass (the PBRtini, a classic Downtown beverage). That’s really cool that she remembered, considering how crowded the bar was on opening day. This time I went with the PBR in a regular glass. I love that $2.50 price.

Now that the opening-week buzz is over and things are becoming pretty normal at the Brass Door, I was able to sit back and really get a feel for the place. The feeling I got was similar to the feeling I get when I’m at Bardog, or the Flying Saucer, or Max’s Sports Bar: A feeling of, “This is very comfortable. This feels like a home to me.” Seamus came over and said hello, and the chef came out of the kitchen to ask how I liked the sliders. They take good care of you.

I had a seat near the main TV, where soccer was on. (I don’t mind calling the fries “chips” but I draw the line at calling soccer “football.” This is America dammit.) I suspect that since I plan on spending a lot of time at the Brass Door, I’m going to become a soccer fan.

Also really cool that I knew all the people dining at the tables on the side. Two of my friends brought their baby with them, which they can do since the Brass Door is non-smoking.

I heard the bartender say that the downstairs still isn’t open yet. They’re still working on the stage and on getting a PA in there. She mentioned next week as a possible ETA for the downstairs being open.

If you tried to go last week and were turned away because the Brass Door closed early, PLEASE give it another chance. They’re doing regular hours now. This is a great little Irish pub and I hope it’s here for a long, long time.