Gang Ka Ree with beef @ Thai Bistro

I owe my readers a huge apology. All last week I was crowing about the $1 mimosas all day Sunday at Thai Bistro. I mentioned it over and over on the blog, on Facebook, on Twitter. What I didn’t know is that they don’t have their liquor license yet… so, no mimosas. It’s BYOB, BYOL until they get it. So sorry to those who went by there yesterday expecting mimosas.

If you went by, though, I hope you made the decision to stay and eat, because the food is really good. I went with the Gang Ka Ree, a medium yellow curry with coconut milk, kaffir lime leaf, potatoes, carrots and onion. It was very good, although I wish I’d remembered that like most Thai restaurants, you can tell them to turn up the spiciness. I love a good spicy curry.

I started off my dinner with edamame:

We actually hit upon a really good Sunday Fun Day lineup yesterday: Majestic Grille, Flying Saucer, Thai Bistro and Brass Door. We’re reaching the point Downtown where there are too many good places to go to spend the entire day at one bar, as we’ve done at the Saucer for several years. Once Thai Bistro gets their liquor license, I imagine the brunch crew will be back for some mimosas.

In other news: Neil’s in Midtown was heavily damaged by a fire this morning. I hate to hear that; when I lived in Midtown I was right around the corner from Neil’s and enjoyed many a good meal there. Luckily, no one got hurt, and Neil says he will rebuild.

Off to work. Vacation, hurry up and get here.