Flying Saucer to host Abita beer dinner with Creole/Cajun food

The Flying Saucer is planning their next beer dinner. It will be Thursday, September 29 and will feature beers from Abita. Although only four of their beers are commonly sold in Memphis bars (Purple Haze, Amber, Turbo Dog and Light), Abita brews many more. There are seven flagship beers, five seasonals, three harvest brews and three “big beers.” The beers haven’t been selected yet but the chef for the event showed me the menu last night:

  • Fried oyster sliders
  • Seafood gumbo
  • Fried gator tail
  • Mini king cakes

These four courses will be paired with 5 beers. I’ve been to every beer dinner the Saucer has held since 2006, and without exception they have been outstanding. If you’re into beer, or if you’d like to learn more about pairing food with beer, I recommend that you go. They always have a beer expert, often from the featured brewery, on hand to discuss how to pair beer with food and to answer any questions.

Space is limited, so if you plan to attend, get down to the Saucer and buy your tickets now.