Biggest possible waste of a Saturday afternoon

Saturday afternoon I had several hours to kill before it was time for Halloween parties. I got Krispy Krunchy Chicken (see review below) and decided to waste the time in the worst possible way. I got on MTV’s website and started watching episodes of Jersey Shore.

So, The Situation was trying to hook up with this blonde. Then he discovered that she had a twin. So he tried to arrange a threesome with both of them.

They were out at a club and he was working on it, when Deena stole one of the twins and started making out with her in the club. The roommates commented she was on her way to a “lesbionic” experience, adding a new word to Urban Dictionary.

They brought the girls home. The twin that came home with Deena got into bed with Vinny. Then Deena pulled her out of Vinny’s bed and back into her bed. Deena hooked up with the twin. Then the twin crawled into Vinny’s bed and hooked up with him. Meanwhile The Situation hooked up with the other twin.

Later, there was disagreement whether Deena went all the way with her twin, and Deena asided to the camera, “I may be bi-curious, but I really love penis.”

Meanwhile, Snooki got all mad when The Situation told the roommates that they hooked up 2 months ago, which may or may not have been true. Why in the world would you tell other people you hooked up with Snooki? She’s disgusting.

Then JWoww and Snooki discussed having clay molds of their boyfriends’ penises made, so they could have their boyfriends with them (in a sense) while thousands of miles away in Italy.

I also watched a preview clip of the new Beavis and Butt-head episodes. They were watching Jersey Shore, where the roommates made a chart of who hooked up with whom on a chalkboard. Beavis: “If they trace it back far enough, they’ll discover where herpes came from.”

When you have to look to Beavis for witty, insightful comments, you know the world has gone to hell in a handbasket.