Thur update: Twinterview correction, VernoRadio to become Yahoo! Sports Radio, RDC getting Landing done, APG Office Furnishings grand opening

So, I had the date wrong on that Twitter interview I mentioned yesterday. It happens today at 2 PM, not yesterday as I’d posted. It’s with Cardinals outfielder Jon Jay, presented by the Redbirds. Follow @memphisredbirds and @jonjayU to see the interview.

Big news from a radio station headquartered Downtown: Sports talk radio station AM 730, with studios located on Beale Street, will become Yahoo! Sports 730 next Monday. Several weeks ago, the station had its Fox Sports affiliation pulled out from under it, leaving 730 with exactly one program, the Chris Vernon Show. Determined to fight, Vernon looped his show (live 3-6 CST) night and day, giving advertisers and sponsors additional exposure. There was so much support for Verno that Yahoo! Sports saw an opportunity. AM 730 will benefit from the network’s programming, and Verno will keep his afternoon slot. Congratulations to all involved with the show – looks like things have worked out and the station will be stronger than ever! More info about the change on Verno’s blog.

The Memphis Business Journal reports that the Riverfront Development Corporation is making changes to Beale Street Landing to meet budget. Among the changes: Planned concrete terraces will be changed to grass. Glad to see they’re finding a way to get this done, so we don’t have a half-finished project sitting on the Mississippi welcoming visitors.

APG Office Furnishings, in the ground floor of Barboro Flats, has its grand opening and ribbon cutting party from 5 to 7 tonight. Always good to see new businesses opening Downtown! Now if only a certain bar owner would hurry up and open his pizza joint in the other half of Barboro’s ground floor!

I get to attend a mandatory benefits meeting this afternoon. Woohoo. I’m trying to look at the positive side: Could be worse, at least it’s not a mandatory karaoke meeting. Getting my hair cut after work (when’s the last time I had a haircut? July I think?), then will be out at the bars.