LaunchMemphis offering free advice to startup businesses Thursday and Friday

Last month I went on a tour of the Launchpad, the coworking space LaunchMemphis provides for startup businesses. Well, this Thursday and Friday, the 29th and 30th from 9 AM to 6 PM, they are holding a holiday open house, where mentors will be on hand to offer free advice for your startup. Here’s a list of what they’ll be doing (pasted from their email because I’m short on time):

“–Are you applying for investment from Seed Hatchery on January 7th? We’ll help guide you to make your application stronger.
–Even if you aren’t applying to Seed Hatchery, do you have just an idea? That’s perfect. Most people that come to us are at this stage.
–Are you looking to raise capital for your startup business? We’ll review your pitch and give you some tips on raising money.
–Are you building a product and want some advise on talent or project management? We’ll guide you in using lean and agile methods to do your build.
–Do you need to build your elevator pitch or other asset? We have various tool sets we can share with you to help you get started correctly.

There is no need to schedule up in advance, but if you want to get a specific time reserved, then email us up at If you just want to drop in, it is no problem, our team will be waiting.

The office hours will be held at the Launchpad, 516 Tennessee Street, Suite 133, Memphis, TN 38103.”

Pretty sweet deal, and if you’re starting a business these folks are good contacts to have. Check them out.