Thur update: Aldo’s Pizza Pies, A&R BBQ and more

A restaurant that Downtowners have been eagerly awaiting for over a year is finally on track to open. The Memphis Daily News blog reports that Aldo’s Pizza Pies will open by March. The pizza parlor will be opened by Aldo DeMartino, who opened Bardog Tavern in 2008. He has planned to open Aldo’s Pizza Pies for some time now, but was delayed while he opened Slider Inn in Midtown first. The restaurant will serve New York-style pizza by the pie or by the slice, for dine-in, pick-up, or delivery. Those of you familiar with my late-night “Paul’s Drunkass Food” Foursquare checkins will see many of them at Aldo’s in 2012.

In other food news, the Memphis Flyer’s Hungry Memphis blog has a good post about A&R BBQ. They were out of nacho chips for BBQ nachos, so they put the BBQ nacho ingredients on top of crinkle fries. Looks yummy! A&R is slightly off the beaten path at Third and Court, but the food there is worth the trek.

I went to the Blind Bear last night. I got there at 6:20 – only 20 minutes after the speakeasy opened – and every seat at the bar was full. For a place that has been open less than a week, that’s a good sign. I didn’t mind standing – there’s a lot of open space behind the bar seats, plus there are the poker and blackjack tables. It’s very comfortable. As people left to go to the Grizzlies game, seats opened up and I got to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen in a while.

At 8 Charles started calling trivia. It’s the exact same format as Silly Goose on Tuesdays. Jeannette told me they’re working on getting a better sound system – it’s one of those things they just happened to overlook in their rush to get the bar open. I had friends on two teams but decided to just sit back and watch the Grizzlies rather than play. I don’t want to get in a situation where I play with a team there every week, because some Wednesdays I’ll feel like going to Bardog instead for poker. About 10 I paid my tab and walked down the street to the Flying Saucer, where I ordered Dos Equis Lager and did my part to control the lime population.

I walked (really, staggered) home about 11:30 and checked Facebook one last time before bed. My favorite dead rock star had just posted on my Wall, “I’m coming out to the saucer in 30 min…..I better see you drinking on some limey dos equis.” I tried to put my clothes on and rally to go back out, but I realized it just wasn’t happening. I knew that if I drank one more (ONE…more) I’d cross into the danger zone regarding making it to work today on time and in good condition. Dammit I hate being a responsible adult. Hate it that I missed seeing my favorite dead rock star, haven’t seen her in 2 months.

Plans for tonight: I’m weighing two possible options:
1) Go to the Saucer, and then the Blind Bear
2) Go to the Blind Bear, and then the Saucer

Both are very attractive plans. There’s a Tigers game tonight at FedExForum – they host Robert Morris at 6 – so Downtown will be busy this evening.