Thur update: Rehab Disco, Blind Bear Monday specials, Flight

Yeah so no lunchtime post or after work post today. There just wasn’t much news to report. As soon as I went out, my Facebook news feed started blowing up with items to post. Doing this from my iPhone’s WordPress app, so please excuse any spelling mistakes.

Rehab Disco celebrates its second anniversary Saturday night, January 28. Congrats to JJ and Mo and the crew. Will do my best to get in there and offer best wishes.

Blind Bear has announced a plan to make Mondays more fun. From 6-9 they’ll have half price wine, excluding house wines, and $4 sausage and cheese plates.

Congrats to Flight. They were named one of OpenTable’s top 100 restaurants.

Speaking of OpenTable, you can now use the site to book reservations to Rizzo’s Diner.

Typing this at the Saucer. A bum just came in and asked for two fives for a ten. I guess the crack houses down on Abel Street are charging $5 a rock these days.

All right, time to hit publish and drink some beer toward my 6th plate. Thinking about a progressive party for number 6. If I can win poker once more each at Silly Goose and Blind Bear, I’ll have a $150 tab at Saucer, almost $100 at Goose, and $100 at Bear. That could be a fun little night. In the meantime, go Grizz! We’ve got the Clippers on the road at 9:30.