Sat update: Fireworks at Redbirds tonight, Blind Bear pedicab, Wine Race weather, Southern Edition @ Double J tonight

It’s a rather boring Saturday around here. Many of my friends are out of town on a canoe trip, so not much is going on. Also, many of the people who remain in town are treating today as “rest up for Wine Race tomorrow” day.

There’s a Redbirds game tonight, with fireworks to follow. First pitch is at 6:05. Opponent is the Omaha Storm Chasers.

The Blind Bear has sponsored one of the pedicabs Downtown. Check it out:

The pedicabs are free, but the drivers work for tips, so please take care of them. They’re really nice to have around when you’re 6 or 8 blocks from home and you don’t feel like the walk.

The forecast for Wine Race tomorrow looks spectacular. Sunny and 85. Ladies, tan lines will be an issue if you plan to be out in the sun all afternoon; wearing a tube top is an excellent way to avoid the tan line problem.

Someone asked me, “You’re obviously very excited about Tube Top Month; why don’t you just go ahead and start it early?” No, can’t do that. You don’t unwrap your presents on December 1 because you’re excited about Christmas. Tube Top Month will start as planned Friday, May 25 at 5 PM. Although, I have to admit I like the idea of “unwrapping presents” where Tube Top Month is concerned.

For next Friday, the first day of Music Fest, they’re predicting a high in the mid 80s, low in the upper 60s with a slight chance of thunderstorms. My prediction: By Thursday that forecast will degrade to high in the mid 60s, low in the upper 40s with 90% chance of storms and a chance of tornadoes.

Had a good time hanging out at the Double J last night. Southern Edition plays there at 9 tonight. Jeff seemed extremely excited about having them on the Front Porch stage. Here’s a link to their promo video.

All right, I’m going to publish this and head out. Too nice to spend the day inside. Unless “inside” has 70 beer taps on the wall.