BBQ Fest park hours

I’ve been asked what time the park closes for BBQ Fest three times in the past 24 hours, so I’ll go ahead and post the answer.

Wednesday: 10:30 (private party – Friends & Family Night)

Thursday: midnight

Friday: midnight

Saturday: 10

I’ve also been asked when is the best night to go. My vote would be for Thursday. Thursday and Friday are the big party nights, but Thursday is more relaxed because you have fewer stupid people and freeloaders to deal with. Actually, it depends on what booths you plan on visiting. If they have “sponsor night” when they cater to and wait on their sponsors, it may be Thursday and it may be difficult to get in those booths. Our team doesn’t have a sponsor night – they party with us all weekend – so for my money Thursday is best.

All right. The BBQ team just sent out an alert asking for help. I’m on it and ready to work HARD! Heading to the booth location now. My map shows the location at “northwest corner of Second and Peabody Place.” I’m not sure that’s 100% accurate but I have to go with what I have. Maybe by tomorrow I’ll have better directions.