A quick note for those of you who plan to visit Patio Porker teams

The Squeal Street team captain posted to Facebook that there are fire ants in the grass near the Patio Porkers area. If you plan on going to visit those teams, open-toed shoes might not be a good idea.

Not sure about the fire ant status in the shoulder area where my team is. I’ve been so busy working hard that I haven’t had time to notice.

Patio Porkers are smaller teams, who have 10 x 10 booths and have a limit on how big their cooking rig can be. Patio Porkers cook ribs and compete against one another, but not the ribs teams. If a Patio Porker wins first place, it graduates and must enter one of the big three (Ribs, Shoulder, Whole Hog) in future years.