Wed update: Random pics, tube top news, Madison Avenue, Italian Fest, become a community leader, World Series trophy, and more

Let’s start off this post with some random pics from the latter part of this weekend.

Talley relaxing at the Saucer Monday afternoon

Sarah and me at the Saucer Monday afternoon

Kelly and Puckett at the Goose Monday evening. No problem with Puckett’s attire, but Kelly, really? Less hat, more tube top, please.

The 15 rare beers that the Saucer plans to serve this Saturday for its 15th anniversary. One beer per hour. (click for larger, more readable image)

Great Maple Flank Steak at Kooky Canuck last night

Last night was a celebration for our friend Mardoqueo (Kao), his last night in the country before he returns to Mexico. We started at the Brass Door. They are always so nice there, and 16 ounce cans of PBR for $2.50 are all right with me. From there we went on to Kooky Canuck, where I had the steak pictured above. For $9.99 it is possibly the best value on the menu, just the right amount if you’re hungry but not super hungry. After dinner, Kao felt like having a beer at the Saucer, then a cigar on the roof of Barton Flats. I don’t smoke but I joined them for a PBR. What a great wrap-up to a great Memorial Day weekend.

In the news: Pardon me, but your tube top has slipped: Wardrobe malfunction during a pre-match dance at a soccer match in Singapore. Unfortunately there were no pics with the article.

We now have a timeline for the re-opening of Madison Avenue. Mayor Wharton said that Madison between Main and Second should be re-opened in both directions by early fall. By that time it will have been closed/partly closed for nearly 18 months due to the neglect of a property owner.

The last big festival of the spring season is this weekend. Italian Fest happens out east at Marquette Park, at Park and Mt. Moriah. It’s like BBQ Fest in that there are cooking teams with booths, and you have to be a team member or invited guest to get in the booths. There are also public vendors and live entertainment. I rarely go to this festival because it’s so far east, but you might want to ask around and see if you know people on teams. If you do, it may be worth going.

Leadership Memphis is taking applications for its fall FastTrack program. If you want to be a community leader, this program is a great way to get started, and to connect with your fellow future leaders.

Cardinals fans: The 2011 World Series trophy is at AutoZone Park this week through Friday, June 1. You can get your photo taken with it if you make a donation to the Redbirds’ RBI and STRIPES programs. You need to bring your own camera.

Plans for tonight: After work I have a double plate party to attend at the Saucer. Then at 8, I’m finally giving in: Charles has talked me into un-retiring from trivia. I’ll play tonight at the Blind Bear.