Mon update: Harahan Bridge Project, Brass Door mayor special, Sports 56 on FM, Facebook changed your email address without permission, Redbirds celebrate Independence Day & end of Tube Top Month

I’ve posted a couple of times in the past week about the Harahan Bridge Project. This is a pedestrian/bike walkway that will connect Memphis to West Memphis via a $30 million pedestrian/bike path on one of the existing Mississippi River railroad bridges. More information about the project will be presented at tomorrow’s Downtown Neighborhood Association meeting. The meeting will be at Number 10 Main (hey, I know someone who lives there!), on the Main Street Mall just south of Madison. Meeting will be either be on the rooftop or in the lobby, depending on temperatures tomorrow.

On Foursquare? There’s a new Mayor Special at a Downtown pub. The Brass Door posted to Facebook, “Don’t forget to check in on Foursquare. Free Lunch and a Pint for the Mayor each week!”

If you’re into sports talk radio, Sports 56 is now on the FM dial in Memphis as well, at 87.7. You can also listen to them online at

Over the weekend, Facebook changed your primary email address to without asking your permission. This Lifehacker article explains how to change it back. Zuckerburg continues to find new ways to piss people off. He really needs an assistant who gets the whole “basic social skills” thing (he obviously doesn’t have them) to tell him when he has a stupid idea.

Tomorrow has been declared another Code Orange Ozone Alert day, so trolley rides will once again be 25 cents.

Tickets are now on sale for the 6:05 Independence Day Redbirds game at AutoZone Park. There will be fireworks that night, and there are two special options if you want to enjoy some good old American food.

– For $40: Club Level ticket & 2 hour all-you-can-eat buffet of Rendezvous BBQ & ballpark fare
– For $28: Field Box ticket & 2 hour all-you-can-eat buffet of ballpark fare

Tickets are limited, so call (901) 721-6000 to get them while you can. Game time is 6:05. July 4 is the last day of Tube Top Month. Why not show your support for the Redbirds by wearing a tube top!

Time to hit Pint Nite at the Saucer – almost all drafts on the wall $3 a pint. Undecided whether I’ll play poker at the Goose at 7:30.