Fri update: Help the Food Bank get a new vehicle, things going on tonight, remodeling plans at the Civil Rights Museum

Before I start with my list of things happening tonight, a favor to ask… please go here and vote for the Mid-South Food Bank in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good challenge. They have several trucks for pick-ups and deliveries, but for daily errands, meetings, and trips, the Food Bank currently has only one OLD pickup truck shared by 35 employees. Winning the new car will help improve their efficiency feeding the need in the 31 county area they serve.

Probably the biggest attraction Downtown tonight will be the Famous “San Diego” Chicken, who will perform at the Redbirds game at AutoZone Park tonight at 7:05. Wow, with the high predicted to reach 104, I would not want to have to run around in a chicken suit. Ladies, to keep cool at the game, I would recommend not a chicken suit, but rather a tube top. I used to watch the chicken when he visited the Arkansas Travelers back in the ’80s; does he still do magic tricks that involve removing women’s bras? Maybe I need to buy a ticket for tonight.

Another option for entertainment Downtown tonight would be Raiders of the Lost Ark at the Orpheum. Movie starts at 7:15. The Orpheum has A/C so this would be a much cooler option than the ball game.

There’s also South Main Trolley Tour, with many of the shops and galleries open 6 to 9 PM. Among the venues that will have art exhibits will be Leadership Memphis (365 S. Main), Douglas & Associates (465 S. Main), and D’Edge (550 S. Main). If you’re looking for live music after Trolley Tour ends, the Prime Cut Band plays Marmalade Lounge, and Stew and Stacy plays Double J Saloon. Both are on G.E. Patterson Avenue.

There’s also art on the north end of Downtown tonight, at 440 N. Front. Epiphany Salon and Gallery will have its grand opening, with art by Soriana, Richard Jacobs, Boo Gardo, Brian Crenshaw, Holly Chapman, Larry Kuzniewski, Blas Blanco, and Rachelle Baker. 7-9 PM, with light snacks and beverages and live music. Free food? Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up.

In addition to the north and south ends, there’s art on display at the eastern end of Downtown tonight. Brinson’s at 341 Madison will host a fundraiser for Hospitality HUB, with a showcase of local artists and musicians. If you want to help the homeless, this would be a good show to attend. The Hospitality HUB helps the homeless get ID, copies of birth certificates, and other things they need to get employment and a permanent place to live.

This Flyer article talks about the changes to come to the Civil Rights Museum when it closes in November for remodeling. Many exhibits will be given a more modern look. In addition, visitors will be able to stand on the balcony where Dr. King was assassinated, and sit in a replica of the Brown vs. Board of Education courtroom and read court documents.

That’s it for now, time for lunch. Plans for tonight. It’s the last Friday of the month, which normally would mean my plans are “go to the Saucer, then Trolley Tour.” However, during the summer months, plans often change to “go to the Saucer, think about going to Trolley Tour, decide it’s too hot outside, order another beer at the Saucer.” We’ll see what happens…