Who plans on being a 2012 inductee into the Tube Top Hall of Fame?

It’s Saturday and the high is predicted for 103. I can’t imagine a better day than today to state your case why you should be inducted into the Tube Top Hall of Fame this year. Let’s see those tube tops!

By the way, I created a “Places to buy tube tops in Memphis” list on Foursquare. If you’re Foursquare friends with me, you can add places of your own to the list. If not, email me at paul@paulryburn.com with suggestions and I’ll add them.

I made it to South Main Trolley Tour for the first time in several months, and I have to say, what a difference the food trucks make! June-August are usually slow months, especially when scorching hot like last night, but there were plenty of people out. I didn’t have time to eat because I was on a birthday pub crawl, but I want to try a fish taco from the tamale truck soon.

I also got to see Real 2 Reel Photography for the first time. What a neat little place. I knew they did custom photography work for weddings, pets, senior pics, etc., but I didn’t realize how much artistic print work they have for sale as well. Wednesday there was a trolley crash on South Main, and Friday night, there was an artistic print of the wreck, on canvas. I would have bought it had I not been on the pub crawl. They’re professionals who do high-quality work, but it’s obvious they have a lot of fun too. I would not mind getting in there and doing an entire blog post about the place at some point in the future. I linked to their website, but it doesn’t do it justice – you really need to see the place for yourself.

Wang’s China Bistro on the Main Street Mall is now Yao’s China Bistro. I believe everything but the name remains the same.

There will be a “Romance on the Rooftop” party at the Peabody rooftop and skyway today 3-7 PM. R&B star Robin Thicke will perform. It’s presented by NBA star Monta Ellis and proceeds will benefit the National Civil Rights Museum and Stand for Children. Tickets are $50. More info here.

I’ve had people ask if fireworks are happening on the 3rd or Fourth this year. There will be fireworks on Mud Island on the Fourth. Details here. This is assuming no fireworks ban is put in place for Memphis between now and then due to the exceptionally dry weather. Many other parts of the state are under a ban.

Plans for today are to celebrate the fact that I was lucky enough to have Jay Hollingsworth as a landlord and friend for nine years. Although we’re all sad he’s no longer here, his friends plan to “celebrate Jay style,” so I can’t see how today could not be fun.